Solar powered science toys, gadgets and novelties. Engage children in learning about our greatest renewable energy source.

6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit
Learn the basics of solar power as you build no less than 6...
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Crookes Radiometer
How does the sun make it spin!? This question has had...
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Deluxe Solar Educational Kit
Perform a multitude of hands-on experiments related to...
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Engino Solar Powered Cars
Engino Solar Powered Cars Kit teaches inquisitive...
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Engino Solar Powered Machines
Award winning Engino makes learning about solar power...
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Engino Solar Powered PRO Duo
The solar pro duo set is the ultimate building set in the...
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LED Solar Power Flashlight
Not only handy to have on your keyring for after-dark, but...
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Micro Solar Car
The smallest solar car in the world is fitted with a solar...
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Science Wiz Energy
Discover what energy is, how it is generated today and what...
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