3D Bug Viewing Kit
A super-strong, clear plastic bug viewer with three...
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4D Vision Plant Cell Anatomy Model
A unique and easy way to learn about the complexities of...
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Advanced Fossils Collection
Are you a budding archaeologist? A dinosaur-hunter in the...
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Ant City
Ants are the smartest, strongest, fastest, and smallest...
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Aqua Viewer - Animal Planet
Explore the under world of aquatic environments with this...
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Arthropod Specimens - Large Set
This large set of Mini Beasts includes specimens of...
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Bug Collector Set - Animal Planet
A unique bug collector by Animal Planet to gently collect...
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Butterfly Specimens - Butterfly Life Cycle
See how a butterfly undergoes a complete metamorphosis,...
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Discover Amber Science Kit
Developed with the input of real entomologists, this kit...
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