littleBits is the easiest way to prototype and learn with electronics. It's an ever-growing library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets so you can invent anything!

Little Bits - Gizmos & Gadgets Kit
The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit (2nd Edition) is the ultimate...
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Little Bits Pro Library
The Little Bits Pro Library is the ultimate collection for...
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Little Bits Sound Trigger
As you might have guessed, the sound trigger Bit responds...
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Little Bits Workshop Set
Inventors, rejoice! The new and improved Workshop Set is...
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littleBits - 9V Battery & Cable
This package contains a 9v alkaline battery and a cable to...
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littleBits - Arduino
You can now easily incorporate programming into your...
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littleBits - Bargraph
The bargraph is one of our favorite Bits: it has five LEDs...
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littleBits - Buzzer
The buzzer Bit is just what it sounds like: it makes a...
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littleBits - DC Motor
The DC (or "Direct Current") motor rotates a shaft when you...
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