3D Planet Earth Kit
Explore the different layers of the Earth, including the...
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Advanced Fossils Collection
Are you a budding archaeologist? A dinosaur-hunter in the...
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Australian Fossil Find
Step back in time and unearth a fossil replica of one of...
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Cave Man Excavation Kit
Excavate the bones of a cave man from an earthern block,...
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Clever Catch Ball - Rocks
Banish boring quizzes with this fun and informative Clever...
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Clever Catch Balls - Minerals
Banish boring quizes with the Clever Catch Ball. The game...
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Color of Minerals - Science Kit
Learn to identify different types of minerals with the...
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Crystal Geode Factory
Create your own glistening crystal geodes from scratch with...
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Crystal Wonder Kit
Grow quartz-like crystals using this nifty, great value...
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