Bizarre Builder Dino Links
The bizarre builder dino links set allows you to mix and...
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Bizarre Builder Monster Parts
The easy to assemble pieces allow monsters to be created in...
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Dig It Out Dinosaur Egg Kit
Become an archeologist and dig through an egg shaped block...
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Dig It Out Dinosaur Nest Kit
Excavate a plaster/sand block to reveal the hidden replica....
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Dinosaur Discovery
Explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs with this...
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Dinosaur Skull Excavation Kit
Now you can have a dinosaur's head! Use the digging tool...
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Ichthyosaurus Skeleton Sea Monsters Excavation Kit
Excavate the bones of this unique lizard fish from an...
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Jurassic Egg Assembly Set
A realistic dinosaur egg hides a fantastic surprise: a...
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Jurassic Night - T-Rex Skeleton
What is scarier than a T-Rex skeleton? Perhaps one that...
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