For an affordable way to introduce students to robotics, science, and solar technology, look no further than our range of fantastic robotic products.

14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
This 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is an awesome introduction to...
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Bigtrak is back! The programmable electronic vehicle. Enter...
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Bionic Hand with Light and Sound
Grip and grab all manner of things with this mechanical...
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Bionic Robot Claw
Grab objects with this robotic arm extension by squeezing...
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Claw Bot
Learn how electric motors and machines work with the...
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Eco Engineering 3 in 1 Mini Solar Robot
Can you really think of anything else you would rather...
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ECO-TEN 10 in 1 Green Energy Kit
Experiment with various sources of renewable energy with...
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Frilled Lizard
Have you ever wanted a pet lizard? Well now you can, with...
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Hydraulic Robotic Arm
Build a working, moving hydraulic arm - powered by water!...
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