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100 LED UV 395nm Black Light Torch
Use this large, super-bright 100-LED handheld black light...

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51 LED UV 365nm Black Light Torch
This 51-LED black light torch has a short 365 nM UV...

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Kaleidoscope - Fantasia
Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing and visual trance with...

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14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
This 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is an awesome introduction to...

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Venus Fly Trap
The Venus flytrap is one of the most captivating plants...

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Giant Sunflower Cup
Happy Days! A wonderful sunny plant that's easy to grow and...

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Flask of Rainbow Slime
Slime is glorious! The feel. The ooze. The way it moves....

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Spiral Liquid Timer
Two different coloured liquids of different densities are...

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Rocket Balloons - 6 Pack
Use the straw to blow up the balloon, when it is fully...

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