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14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
This 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is an awesome introduction to...

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Circular Switch
A playful way to learn about switches in all kinds of...

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Rubber Stoppers #6, one hole - 10 pck
Rubber test tube stoppers suitable for Glass or Plastic...

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Van Der Graaf Generator
Warning: this device is hair raising! Yes, it may be safe...

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Stygimoloch Skeleton Dino Excavation Kit
Excavate and build a replica of the Stygimoloch....

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Voice Changer
Sound like someone completely different with this...

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Colour Paddles - Set of 18
Letís Mix! Textured, Color Paddles. Layer these textured,...

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Plastic Beakers, Set of 8 (30-1000ml)
This set of 8 polypropylene beakers is great for home or...

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Magnesium Ribbon
Hands up if you ever ignited magnesium ribbon in high...

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