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Bigtrak is back! The programmable electronic vehicle. Enter...

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Terra Sphere
Terra Sphere provides a greenhouse environment to easily...

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Rock Tumbler
Polish rocks to create your own beautiful key-chains and...

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Natural & Polished Gemstone
Budding geologists will love to compare natural, or rough...

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White Calcite Rhombs
Large, natural calcite rhombs. These minerals are mined...

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Fossil Shark Teeth
Assorted fossil sharks teeth in an acrylic display case....

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Colourful Kaleidoscope
Learn about the science of light and reflection with these...

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MarsScope Dobsonian Telescope
This is the 'big daddy' dobsonian telescope from Heebie...

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Lunarscope Dobsonian Telescope
This fantastic dobsonian telescope is a perfect starter or...

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