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Rainbow Aura Quartz Geode
These stunning geodes are irresistible. They are naturally...

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Kinetic Sand - 2.5kg Box
A new, handy size of our super popular kinetic sand....

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Distilling Flask
This 500ml single neck, round-bottom distilling flask is...

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Gigantic Growing Spheres
Like our smaller growing beads, place these spheres in...

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Ant Mine Underground
Explore the natural life cycle of ants and learn how ants...

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4D Master Apollo Astronaut
On July 20 1969, two men made history - Neil Armstrong and...

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Blue Desktop Globe - 10cm
An illustrative and hands-on geography tool, this classic...

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50mm Plastic Funnel, Long Stem
These polypropylene funnels have smooth walls, 60 degree...

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Jumbo Centrifuge Test Tubes - 5 Pack
Jumbo plastic test tubes for extra visual impact and little...

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