Everything you need to get the most out of your microscope. Slides, Prepared Slides, Cover Slips, Storage Boxes and more.

Make A Slide - Slide Making Kit
Use this kit to make permanent slides from vegetables,...
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Microscope - My First Lab
No scientific lab would be complete without a microscope...
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Microscope Slide Cover Slip
Clear glass microscope slide cover slips. 20mm X 20mm and...
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Microscope Slide Making Kit
This microscope slide making kit will bring out your inner...
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Microscope Slides - Double cavity
Pack of 50 double cavity clear glass microscope slides with...
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Microscope Slides - No Cavity
Pack of 50 clear glass microscope slides with ground edges....
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Microscope Slides - Single cavity
Pack of 50 signle cavity clear glass microscope slides with...
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Prepared Microscope Slides - 36 Specimens
Get a whole new perspective on everyday things with this...
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Slide Storage Box - 25 Slides
Hard plastic microscope slide storage box. Holds 25 slides...
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