Mini Magic Flower

Price: $2.95

Grow beautiful crystals on this mini-paper flower within about 6 hours. Simply pour the crystal growing solution into the small plastic base and insert the specially prepared flower-stem. The crystal solution will soak into the stem and slowly move up to the very tip due to capillary action. As the solution evaporates white snow crystals are deposited all over the stem. A delicate treasure that can be admired for days. Crystal colours vary.

Ages: 6 +

What you get

Paper stem, crystal growth solution, small plastic base (measuring 4cm in diameter) and instructions in a simple transparent bag. Non-toxic and safe.

How does it work?

The pre-cut paper stem has been treated with a chemical that reacts with the crystal growing solution. After placing the stem in the special solution leave it undisturbed for several hours. However, if you notice uneven crystal growth you may want to rotate the plastic base every 15 minutes or so. As the solution evaporates and the stem dries, snow-white crystals will start to appear. Within a few hours your mini flower will be covered with delicate crystal blooms.


  • Capillary action and how the crystal growing solution is able to work against gravity and reach the top of the paper stem. Just like water moving from the roots to the very tips of real flowers, plants and trees.
  • Evaporation. Liquids and solutions.
  • The process of crystallization.


Even if some of the solution has cyrstalized upon opening, the crystals will grow just as well on the paper stem.


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