Discover the fun and magic of magnets. So many science experiment possibilities with mysterious magnetic forces.

3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator
A striking 3D visualisation of the magnetic field lines...
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45mm Magnetic Compass
Pocket sized 45mm magnetic compass that can be used for...
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Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation
Defy gravity in more ways than one with this bumper...
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Ceramic 2cm Round Magnets - 10 Pack
Economical magnet for all your science and construction...
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Compass - Stainless Steel
High quality compass made from strong stainless steel and...
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Deluxe Magnet Set - 24 Piece
This deluxe magnet set contains an assortment of 23 magnets...
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Discovery Pak
Three great science toys in the one pack: a Gyroscope,...
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EIN-O Basic Box Kit - Magnets
A great introduction to magnets! Junior scientists will...
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EIN-O Magnetic Mag Lab
This has to be one of the coolest magnetic exploration kits...
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