Light Crystal Prism

Price: $12.95

Prismatic effects have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. Now you have the power to create these mysterious effects with this high quality prism. With a bit of patience your Light Crystal will split a beam of light into a multi-coloured rainbow... reflect an image in weird and wonderful patterns (without the use of mirrors)... and more. This 6.4cm prism is made from sturdy acrylic so it is safe for children to use without fear of breakages if dropped.

Age: 8+
What You Get
The Light Crystal Prism in an attractive transparent box. A 60 degree acrylic prism, 6.4cm. Instructions included. Made in the US.
How does it work
Light slows slightly as it moves from the air into the Light Crystal Prism, and changes direction (this is called refraction). Conversely light speeds up and bends as it leaves the acrylic prism and re-enters the air. The degree of light bending in and out of the prism depends on its wavelength, or colour. Blue light slows more than red light, thus is bent more. This differential bending causes light to disperse into its component colours and make a rainbow.

It takes a bit of patience and adjusting of the crystal to form a rainbow. The conditions (the room brightness and shade of the reflecting wall) have to be just right to form a bright spectrum.
  • Light and colour properties
  • Light is composed of different wavelengths and colours
  • Rainbow spectrum
  • How light travels in different mediums.

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