1.5V Electric Buzzer
This buzzer is an essential part to any budding scientist's...
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38+ Piano Lab
The amazing Piano Lab teaches the basics of circuitry and...
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We tweet! We sing! We move! Now you can experience the...
$19.95 $15.96
Save: 20%

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Geek & Co Science -.Geeker Speaker Lab
Make sound waves visible with this awesome device called a...
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JINX Liquid Sound Speakers - Rotating Jets Edition
This amazing twin set of USB powered speakers makes the...
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Science Wiz Sound
Explore the world of sound with the Science Whiz Sound kit....
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Singing Rods, set of 2
You'll be singing in the rain and in the sun with this set...
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Super Long Slinky - Demonstration Spring
This extra long, narrow slinky is great for memorable...
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Tuning Fork 128Hz (Lower C)
Blue steel tuning fork that resonates at 128Hz, key of...
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