10mm Density Cubes - 6 Metals
This handy set of metal density cubes are great for...
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25mm Density Cubes - 5 Metals
Use these large metal cubes for performing density...
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5 Rod Heat Conductometer
A Heat Conductometer is used for demonstrating the...
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Assorted Rubber Bands - 500g
Pack of assorted rubber bands, in various sizes and...
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Coloured Ring Magnet (5 Pack)
Pack of five coloured, Alino economical ring magnets....
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Communicating Capillary Tube Set
Use this tube set to demonstrate that capillary rise varies...
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Connecta Straws 200 Plus Pieces
Engineers and designers delight! With 200 pieces of...
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Cotton Tipped Applicator Swab Wooden 150mm NON -STERILE 100 pack
A 100 pack of high-quality cotton tipped applicators, free...
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Cotton Tipped Applicator Swab Wooden 150mm STERILE 10 pack
A 10 pack of high-quality sterile cotton tipped...
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