Growing Beads

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Watch these amazing beads grow before your eyes. Simply place a few 4mm beads in water and within minutes they will start to grow, within hours you will have gel-like crystal balls that measure about 22mm! That’s a 200 times increase in volume! Like our instant snow, the secret is in their polymer structure. They love water! When you are done experimenting put them in a clear vase with flowers or a candle - they make great home décor features. Choose from transparent or single coloured beads in the drop down menu above.

Age: 6+ with adult supervision
What you get
5 gram packet of beads ready to grow (beads measure about 4mm).
How does it work?
When soaked in water the superabsorbent polymer beads expand over 200 times their original volume and become 95% water. Because they contain so much water the transparent beads disappear in water, then, like magic, reappear when the water is drained. Cool! Put them in the sun and watch them shrink back to their original size. What happens when you add salt to the beads? Try adding food dye for some colourful effects. They are fully grown after about 10 hours.
Superbsorbent polymers and their use in real life applications, like in baby’s nappies and agriculture to retain water in soil. Hydrophilic (or water loving) substances. The process of osmosis. What happens when salt is sprinkled on the fully-grown beads? Evaporation: when water evaporation occurs and the beads dry out, it is they are ready to grow again! Gels.
Not only do these make great science toys they can be used in vases of flowers or with candles as great home decoration.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

FIRST AID: If swallowed do not give liquids, seek medical advice immediately.

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