Explore physics concepts using these science toys and experiments.

3D Wind Up Dinosaur Puzzle
Dinosaurs are back, and they are moving! Piece together the...
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Automaton Flying Dragon
Enter, The Flying Dragon... Bring to life the dragons of...
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Balloon Powered Boat
Discover the thrill of propulsion and movement through...
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Balloon Racer
Watch this racer speed along using the power of air. Blow...
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Bernoulli Bag, 4 Pack
How may breaths are needed to inflate a monster 2.4 meter...
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Clown String Puppet
Create your own circus number with this gorgeous clown...
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Communicating Capillary Tube Set
Use this tube set to demonstrate that capillary rise varies...
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Assemble your own clock that's driven by gears and springs...
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Cosmic Rocket
Get ready for blast off with this hands-on rocket launching...
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