Our Mad Millie cheese making kits contain all the tools, ingredients and recipes to make an array of different cheeses. Tese kits not only allow you to have a lot of fun in making your own food, but also give you full control of what goes into it. With Mad Millie you will be sure to create something you can be proud to share with friends and family.

15 Minute Sourdough Kit
Create artisan sourdough bread in just 15 minutes with this...
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Cheesemaker Vat & Incubator Set
This Mad Millie Cheesemaker Set includes an incubator and a...
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Culture & Enzyme Measuring Spoons
These tiny measuring spoons are great to measure out tiny...
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Curd Knife
This knife is specialised to carefully cut delicate curd...
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Draining Spoon
This handy draining spoon is used for stirring, and...
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Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit
The ultimate kit for cheese lovers! The Artisan Cheese Kit...
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Mad Millie Cheese Vat
A handy cheese vat to assist in your delectable cheese...
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Mad Millie Italian Cheese Kit
Perfecto mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone and more from your...
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Mad Millie Probiotic Greek Yoghurt Kit
Make sensational probiotic greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt and...
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