Light & Colour Experiments

Water Drop Magnifier
Water Drop Magnifier Itís so simple to make your own mini magnifying glass. Hereís how. Suitable for kids aged 4+ You Need: Small square of fairly-rigid transparent plastic (You can cut-up a clear acetate sheet, or a transparency available from art...
Wax Photometer
Wax Photometer Make your own translucent photometer out of paraffin wax that can read light and colour. Suitable for kids aged 6+ with parental supervision CAUTION If you are unable to source your own paraffin wax blocks you will need to make your own. Wax blocks must...
Split Light To Make A Rainbow
Split light without a prism Want to make a rainbow but donít have a prism? Hereís a simple way to make one anytime the sun is shining. Youíll be beaming from ear-to-ear. Suitable for kids aged 5 + You Need: Shallow dish White wall (or large piece of...
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