These science gadgets and novelties are full of fun and energy - just like kids! Teach electricity, circuits, energy transformations and alternate energies.

300-in-1 Electronic Project Lab
This mega all-in-one electronic advanced learning centre...
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500-in-1 Electronic Project Lab
This is the ultimate all-in-one electronic advanced...
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75-in-1 Electronic Project Lab
This quality, classic electronic lab is sure to spark your...
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AA Battery Holder - Single
Modular AA size battery holders that allow you connect...
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Alligator Clip Leads - 2 Pack
2 Pack of 400mm alligator clip leads for easily connecting...
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Breadboard, 830 Tie Points with Jumper Wire Kit
Model 9425 Bredboard bundled with JW70 Jumper Wire Kit. 830...
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Buzz Wire Making Kit
Construct your very own exciting Buzz Wire game and, at the...
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Clip Circuit Advanced Lab
The extra large version of our popular Clip Circuit Electro...
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Clip Circuit Electro Lab
The perfect way to learn about electronics. All components...
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New Products For October - ELECTRICITY AND ENERGY

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