Colour Mix Spin Top

Price: $3.95

You’ll love this colour-mixing spin on a classic toy! A wooden changeable spin top that offers hours of dizzying, colorful science fun.

Just snap on any of the four sturdy coloured discs - spin the top, and watch the patterns and colours change before your eyes! You’ll enjoy a new visual experience with each and every spin.

Each of the four discs offer a unique colour and pattern, creating different colour-mixing effects. The faster the top spins the more the colours merge and blend.

Get creative, and make your own colored disc using the included ones as a template. Trace, cut and punch a hole in the center of some cardboard stock, and color away.

Visually exciting, as well as scientifically sound!

Age: 3+
What you get
Colour Mix Spin Top. Consists of a classic wooden spinning top with four flexi plastic discs. Each disc is removable and easily pushes onto the spindle top for quick pattern changes.
How does it work
Science of colour-mixing in action...

As the top quickly turns, your brain is unable to process each color on the disc individually, so the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) begin to mix. This creates the illusion of secondary colors like purple, green and even orange.

The faster the top spins, the greater the colour-mixing and blending effect. Try experimenting with speed and spin direction. What is the result?

  • Colour-mixing
  • Physics and motion principles
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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