Clown String Puppet

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Create your own circus number with this gorgeous clown puppet!

Puppetry is an ancient form of performance, and some historians claim that puppets pre-date actors in theatre. Archimedes is known to have worked with marionettes. Plato and Aristotle's work contain references to puppetry.

This lovely, hand-painted marionette string puppet is controlled from above using four strings. By holding the strings and tilting the wooden cross-bar control you can get your puppet bowing, walking and dancing. But - warning, gamers - it does take a bit of old-fashioned patience and practice!

A charming decoration for a bedroom, or the leading role in your very own class or family puppet show.

Age: 4+
What You Get
Clown String Puppet. Presented in a yellow card box. Clown measures: 50 x 26 x 3cm.

The puppet is controlled by four strings, one string attached to each arm and each leg at one end; and the other end attached to a wooden control cross above the clown's head.
How Does It Work?
Hold the wooden cross-bar control above the clown's head, and move the whole puppet at once, or use your other hand to pull on individual strings, moving the limbs independently to simulate waving, kicking and more complex movement such as dancing. With practice youíll breath movement and life into this sculpture in motion.
  • Theatrics
  • Hand coordination and puppetry
  • Speech and public performance

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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