Everyone loves chemistry. From slime, to bouncing putty, to amazing polymers that shrink or grow before your eyes! Don't miss out on these special science toys and kits.

Glow In The Dark Paint - 250ml
Paint with guaranteed after dark glow! No UV light...
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Glow Slime
Awesome slippery, gooey, glowing slime! It oozes between...
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Glow UV Face Paint
You can create some fantastic after-dark effects with this...
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Glow-In-The-Dark Putty
More gooey, squishy weird matter, but this glows in the...
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Glowing Chemistry
Explore the fascinating world of chemical reactions that...
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Goofy Glowing Gel Class Kit
Make a strange and goofy gel that is half-way between Gak...
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Grow Koala
Watch this cute little baby koala grow and GROW... into a...
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Growing Beads
Watch these amazing beads grow before your eyes. Simply...
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Growing Crocodile Hatching Egg
It's hard to imagine something as formidable as a crocodile...
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