Everyone loves chemistry. From slime, to bouncing putty, to amazing polymers that shrink or grow before your eyes! Don't miss out on these special science toys and kits.

Geek & Co Science: Slime Time
Construct an electro-goop powered battery and use it to...
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Geyser Tube
What started as a classroom science experiment quickly...
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Giant 40cm Glow Stick
We set out to find an original glow stick that was miles...
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Gigantic Growing Spheres
Like our smaller growing beads, place these spheres in...
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Glitter Galaxy Putty
Glittery putty that stretches, bounces, snaps, tears and...
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Glow In The Dark Paint - 125ml
Paint that glows-in-the-dark - magic! The glow pigment in...
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Glow In The Dark Paint - 2 Litre
2 litre container of quality glow in the dark paint. Ideal...
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Glow In The Dark Paint - 250ml
Paint with guaranteed after dark glow! No UV light...
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Glow Slime
Awesome slippery, gooey, glowing slime! It oozes between...
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New Products For May - CHEMISTRY & MOLECULES

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