Everyone loves chemistry. From slime, to bouncing putty, to amazing polymers that shrink or grow before your eyes! Don't miss out on these special science toys and kits.

Dinosaur Putty
Time to get messy with rip-roaring Dinosaur Putty! This...
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DIY High Bounce Ball - Make Your Own
Make your own crazy bouncing balls with this great science...
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DNA Plush - Giant Microbe
The two spiraling strands that comprise Deoxyribonucleic...
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Double Neon Wheel Liquid Timer
A fascinating timer that has a quirky flow of liquid beads...
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EIN-O Acid and Base Box Kit - Essential Chemistry
Investigate the properties of acids and bases and discover...
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EIN-O Science Mighty Molecules - Essential Chemistry
Explore the foundations of matter - simple molecules - with...
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EIN-O Sticky Science Smart Box
At Mad About Science we believe gooey is good - the...
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Elements - An Illustrated History of the Periodic Table
In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev presented the world with the...
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Fascinating Ocsillating Reaction Kit
Explore the basic principles of chemical kinetics, with the...
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New Products For May - CHEMISTRY & MOLECULES

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