Everyone loves chemistry. From slime, to bouncing putty, to amazing polymers that shrink or grow before your eyes! Don't miss out on these special science toys and kits.

Bath Bomb Factory
Make your own bath bombs & investigate the science of...
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Bath Crayons
A fun combination of art and science. These bath crayons...
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Biochemistry - Zometool
A unique building system used by kids, educators,...
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Buckyball - Zometool
The roundest, and (according to some) the most beautiful of...
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Chem Bit - Edible Magic Color Crystals
What was the first rule your teacher taught you in science....
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Chem Bit - Photochromic Paint
Become a UV detective with our photochromic paint, which...
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Chem Bit - Quantum Leap
Discover the secret behind glow - glowing necklaces,...
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Chem Bit - Thermochromic Things
Are you hot? Are you cool? Settle down, I'm talking about...
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Chemistry 60 Experiment Kit
A wonderful starter kit packed-full of fun chemistry...
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