Chem Bit - Photochromic Paint

Price: $6.95

Become a UV detective with our photochromic paint, which detects ultraviolet rays from the sun! Instead of using your delicate skin as an ultra-violet light (UV) detector, use this special photon detecting paint that changes colour when exposed to UV light!

What does photochromic mean? Well, "photo" comes from the greek word light, and "chromo" comes from the greek word for colour... meaning that it is colour changing when exposed to different light wavelengths!

This little photochromic paint kit is sure to provide hours of fun with photons. Paint different objects and see how they change colour in different light and dark environments, all while learning about photochemical reactions!

Try painting stars or love hearts on your favourite accessories to add an impressive colour-changing dynamic!

Age: 8+ with adult supervision.

What You Get
  • 4 grams of Photochromic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Instruction booklet
  • Light energy
  • Reversible photochemical reactions
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
WARNING: Paint is non-toxic and safe when used as directed, refrain from painting directly on skin. Wash off with water.
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