Get inside the amazing world of bugs, insects and other mini critters with these nifty science products.

3D Bug Viewing Kit
A super-strong, clear plastic bug viewer with three...
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3D LiveLife Poster - Butterfly Woods
Stunning kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering into the...
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4D Vision Hercules Beetle Anatomy Model
Get to know the largest beetle in the world and the most...
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4D Vision Snail Anatomy Model
The humble snail is quite an incredible little animal, one...
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4D Vision Tarantula Spider Anatomy Model
Explore the insides and outsides of a tarantula spider with...
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Ant City
Ants are the smartest, strongest, fastest, and smallest...
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Ant Farm
Watch the world’s tiniest engineers dig tunnels, build...
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Ant Mine Underground
Explore the natural life cycle of ants and learn how ants...
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Assorted Insects In Small Frame
An interesting assortment of seven eye-catching insects in...
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New Products For August - MINI BEASTS

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