Bone Cell Plush - Giant Microbe

Price: $12.95

A cuddly bone cell plush - 1,000,000 times its original size! A perfect sympathy gift for anyone with a broken bone or a fun and unique present for an orthopedist.

Its strange and specialised shape has evolved to carry out its specific task efficiently. Multiple arms increase surface area and allow for effective transportation and absorption of minerals.

This cute plush measures 22cm high and is great for communicating intangible scientific concepts to students or patients. Throw in the Platelet cell plush to have an awesomely geeky and cell-tastic time!

Age: 3+
What You Get
  • 1 x bone cell plush toy (measuring 11 x 22cm)
  • Includes hang-tag with fun and educational facts
  • More about bone cells
    You can't live without these little guys! These cells make up a good bulk of your bones and are in charge of breaking down and building new bone. If you break a bone, your bone cells get busy to repair the fracture!
  • Specialised bone cells
  • Bone densisty
  • Osteopoosis
  • WARNING: Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.

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