Popular, easy-to-read science books with activities, experiments and info for fun at home or in the classroom. Many double as useful science resources for busy teachers.

Lie Detector - Animals
Fact or Fib? * Is a starfish really a fish? * Can a hippo...
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Lie Detector - Dinosaurs
Fact or Fib? * Did T-rex have really good breath? * Were...
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Look At The World: Inventions
Explore the world of INVENTIONS - from the past to the...
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Mars 3D: A rover's-eye view of the red planet
"Jim Bell takes us on an extraordinary journey across often...
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Mini Beasts - Teacher's Guide
The Mini Beasts - Classroom Investigations of the Small -...
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Mini Beasts Journal - Student Resource
If you're searching for a resource that will improve your...
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The Moon has always held a special place in our...
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Natural Histories
." . . a truly stunning collection . . . Remarkable for its...
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Optical Illusions - A Little Giant Book
What you see is not what you get! Imagine bats and birds...
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