Popular, easy-to-read science books with activities, experiments and info for fun at home or in the classroom. Many double as useful science resources for busy teachers.

Discover the Awesome World
Get ready to be astounded by our incredible planet. Embark...
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DK SCIENCE - A Children's Encyclopedia
Science: A Children's Encyclopedia brings all the...
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Edison and the Rise of Innovation
Thomas Alva Edison did more than just bring incandescent...
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Elements - An Illustrated History of the Periodic Table
In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev presented the world with the...
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Extreme Weather (Insiders)
Extreme Weather is packed with high-quality images and...
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Fractal 3D Magic
"Pickover contemplates realms beyond our known reality." -...
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Gemstones Of The World - Fifth Edition
Would you know the difference between prehnite, variscite,...
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Help Your Kids With Science: A Step-By-Step Visual Guide
Are your kids struggling with their science homework? Do...
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How To Make a Planet
What if you could build a planet just like Earth from...
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