Air takes up space and exerts pressure even though it's invisible. Help kids learn about the properties of air and how things fly with these cool science toys!

Aerotrooper Parachute Man
No ordinary parachute man. This new, improved...
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AirZooka - Air Cannon
The amazing AirZooka will blow you away! Blast a harmless...
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Balloon Helicopter
Blow up the balloon, then toss this 'copter up into the air...
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Balloon Powered Boat
Discover the thrill of propulsion and movement through...
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Balloon Powered Cosmic Jet Racer
Watch this cosmic jet racer zoom across the floor powered...
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Balloon Powered Hovercraft
Construct your very own hovercraft with this simple kit. It...
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Balloon Rocket Party Pack
Get the party started with this bumper pack of 50 crazy...
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Bernoulli Bag, 4 Pack
How may breaths are needed to inflate a monster 2.4 meter...
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Bubble Science
Be the master of all bubbles with 4M Bubble Science. The...
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