3D Clay

Price: $2.50

No ordinary clay. 3D clay is a high-tech modeling compound that is super light-weight, soft and non-sticky. Bounce it, stretch it and mould it. Get creative and make some groovy artwork. When exposed to air the clay dries out within a few days: fixing the shape of your artwork without the need of a kiln. Once dry it doesn’t become brittle and will not break easily. To reuse it, put the clay back in the container before it dries and cap it. Colours vary.

Age: 6 +
What you get
Plastic container (height 25mm, diameter 65mm) full of 3D clay. Safe and non toxic. Colours vary.
How does it work?
Like putty, 3D clay is another example of a strange type of matter that doesn’t fit neatly into the three common states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. So what is it!? Because it doesn’t follow Newton’s laws, 3D clay belongs in a broad group called non-Newtonian matter. Other examples of strange non-Newtonian matter are jelly, blood, toothpaste, ink and glue.
The three common states of matter – solid, liquid and gas – and their properties. Non-newtonian matter and why this weird type of matter doesn’t fit into the three common states. Inorganic polymers: polymers that have silicon or phosphorous backbones instead of carbon.
Although both non-Newtonian matter, there is a big difference between 3D clay and putty. Putty is moist and tacky and will not dry out when exposed to air. Bouncing clay is super light-weight, non-sticky and will dry out when exposed to air.
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