15 Minute Sourdough Kit

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Create artisan sourdough bread in just 15 minutes with this sophisticated all-inclusive kit.

Perfect for any baking enthusiast or budding food scientist. Whether you view your kitchen as a hot bread bakery or a mini laboratory full of kitchen chemicals, you are sure to have loads of fun while learning the science behind sourdough bread - YUM!

Enjoy your very own hand-made delicious sourdough with your favourite saturated hydrocarbon spread - I mean butter!

Age: 4+ with adult supervision.
What You Get
1 x 15 minute Sourdough Kit by Mad Millie Set includes:
  • Instant Sourdough Starter Culture (enough for up to 6 x 500 g loaves)
  • Artisan Salt
  • Muslin Cloth
  • Dough Scrape
  • Dough Whisk
  • Recipes for original sourdough, wholemeal sourdough, fruit loaf sourdough and gluten free sourdough
You will also need:
  • Ovenproof 4 L (1 US Gal) pot with lid made from ceramic, cast iron, or glass
  • Mixing bowl
  • Flour
  • Baking paper
How does it work?
Simply mix flour, artisan salt, and the instant sourdough starter culture together with water in a bowl using the specialised dough whisk, cover and allow to ferment and rise for approx. 20 hours. Cooking time is 15 minutes.

During the 20 hour ferment, yeast within the bread consumes oxygen and sugar molecules, and releases carbon dioxide - a process called aerobic respiration. The carbon dioxide is trapped by the sticky dough and ultimately causes the bread to rise.
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration
  • Chemical and Physical Reactions
  • Fermentation
  • Caramilisation
  • Evaporation
WARNING: Warning: Requires adult supervision.

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